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it's been awhile...

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Hello every1
wicet detected. LOL

Am so excited bcs its been awhile since my last post. 
plus my prev post was so boring gilaa!! 

Can't believe it's abt how i'm describing how i felt dekat sorang guy ni. 
my love was rejected but..
euww gulrzz you've grown up okehh!! 
if he's into you, he is into you. 
no worries.

hehe so you guys out there!!!
yang got rejected as well as me,
lots of handsome and pretty peeps pun
got rejected...

The point is...
kita yg got rejected nilah
yg pretty and handsome peeps tu.
god please but i'm saying the truth

well confidence level kena tinggi but wc
(wc) not wechat lah c'mon gais
it's who cares!! 
or maybe am 2 laz 2 rite

am wasting ma time for this crap post bcs it's last paper syndrome 

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