❀ Lots Of Love. Sincerely : Iffahjkl ❀

just gonna leave this here..

i'm not a pro for this
gonna give it a try

i have a thing on someone, 
let's say it's a crush kinda thing
but... its complicated :'D

he is quit tall, a 5 inch taller than me 
he had a very turn on kind of laugh
oh pls dont get me wrong,
i mean i just love his laugh.

his skin color is not too dark, not too fair
medium i guess? yaa..
his lips is center of attraction.
i mean like c'mon y'all look at people's lips
when they talk to you aite?
*or is it just me. nvm

he have a very dark brown eyes,
or black? 
em nope am sure it is dark brown.
his eyes is Everything..
whenever i look at those eyes
i fall for him all over again.
like gaddem!!

his brows? it's very messy,
but i like it! 
his hair is perfect, 
like what are you my crush?!

his smile? oh god!!
his smile is my weakness.

i never wish he know abt this post. 
i just wish he know that it's him
or maybe he already knew.

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